Friday, March 11, 2016

Bookish Things I'd Give A Kidney For

Because I just participated in Love-A-Thon I decided to skip the introduction post and instead link the post... here

I would give a kidney for the following bookish things...

Things Cody wants:

Alexandra Bracken novels (Affectionately named by me Bracken Books) to be delivered to me, as quickly as she writes them.

Also, I crave a story just about Jude solely for me because he is my favorite character ever. I adore him with all of my heart.

I want Kell's coat from ADSOM by V E Schwab because I love that coat, and Kell. Victoria Schwab is phenomenal and wonderful and I want everyone to read her books.

I want Iko to come to life from The Lunar Chronicles. She is such a wonderful android. '

I feel like I have so many other things that I would give a kidney for...

OH. To get to also read Becky Albertalli's, Jasmine Warga's, David Arnold's and Adam Silvera's books before they are published, because I love the entire Beckminavidera crew. They are wonderful, each and every one of them. Plus, I love watching their war over Oreos v Golden Oreos.

Most of the things I would give a kidney for are author's next book, which I will get eventually... but I also want to meet all of these authors mentioned above, especially Becky and Adam because I already love them as I have met them through social media, and I know I would love them even more in person! I hope to join them in authorhood someday soon!

I want to be able to time travel like in The Girl From Everywhere, but with less complications. :)

I need to be able to go to every book convention that piques my fancy (I mean does this really count? A better question is, does it matter if it counts?)

If I had every foreign copy, and first edition of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, and every Marie Lu book I would die, along with the Bracken Books. If they were signed, I would die. I would give my soul for those.

I would give a kidney from critiques from authors on some of my favorite things I have ever written, because I think they could offer such wonderful advice that I would truly appreciate.

I would give a kidney for Jesper and Wylan to get together. And for Celaena to be with someone other than the one she is with right now, because I don't approve.

I also want A NOVEL SET IN ROSS CITY, ANTARCTICA from the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu because it was such a FASCINATING place that I wanted more of!

Things Jenna Wants: 

Jem Carstairs. 

Also, the Carstairs family room. 

I want a giant book that includes EVERY codex and readable thing from Dragon Age into one book. It would be so huge! 

I obviously want Tessa's clockwork angel necklace because who wouldn't want that? It ticks and stuff. 

Shuya from a story Cody is writing called The Little Ghost. 

A copy of The Last Unicorn (the graphic novel) by Peter S. Beagle (A signed copy would be a bonus, but is not necessary for the kidney.)

I want to own an entire series of manga. I mean, it wouldn't fit on the shelves, but whatever. (Fullmetal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul, or Black Butler, to be specific.) 

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