Sunday, March 20, 2016

Destiny: Poetry by Me #9

A poem I wrote quite awhile ago... Hope you all enjoy! :)

If you had control of your destiny
would that change the way you think?
Alter your motivations?
Would you live a different way?
Would you think before speaking?
Think about your impact on others?
Or would you be more reckless,
less caring and careful.
Would you be selfish
or selfless?
Would you be courageous and kind
or cruel and just lie?
If you had control of your destiny
Would you even think about me?
Or would I disappear
like you do occasionally
leaving without warning
not thinking about what you mean
to me, to all of us.
So if you could control
your own destiny,
I hope you would choose one
that involves just a little more
Surrounded by those who care about you
and not just about themselves.

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