Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Little Thank You and Rant!

Oh my goodness. IT's the end of March already... and  I am going off to State Thespian Festival! (If you don't know what a Thespian is... it means that I am a part of Theatre) And this year I get to relax and enjoy everything and really soak it in as it is my last time going to state!

Which is insane! But experiences with theatre have been so impactful on my life, and I will do an entire post about it when I get back, but my theatre family is so generous and kind and mean so much to me! This weekend I will be having fun and watching theatre! Immersing myself in the family! :)

Here's a little update on what's been going on in my life....

Dearest Blogger Friends,
Hey guys. So, March was an insane time and oddly super stressful. You'd think because of Spring Break I would have had a better month. But, eh. It was very mediocre. I have felt a lot of pressure in my life lately, trying to hold up to my own standards and standards set by myself. I try so damn hard at everything that I do, and it's been really difficult to try and fail, and watch others not try and succeed. In fact, it kind of pisses me off.

I am one of those people that firmly believes you need to work for what you get in your life... and yes, I'm white, and I have a lot of privilege that comes with that, but that does not mean that I don't work my ass off. It doesn't mean that I have everything I need in life, and that I can kick back and relax.... NO. I have to work super hard for everything. Do I have money for college? Nope. I am entirely relient on Scholarships and Grants and I am just praying colleges will give me money.

I can't go to my dream school, Emerson College, because they are $64k a year and we simply cannot afford that. I will probably be going to Community College next year, something I would have said hell no to that two years ago. But, it's going to be practically free, so it's what I'm going to have to do.

I'm scared as hell about my future, but praying that things work out. I want to work for a publishing company and specialize in YA... and I will publish multiple books in my lifetime. I will become a full-time writer. I will do this. Because I have to to survive.

I started this blog so I could spread the love of books, and improve my writing style and hone my voice.

I am determined. I will succeed and it's all of you that help me believe in myself. With every conversation on twitter, with every comment on my blog, with every little thing you do.

Thank you. I truly appreciate it.

Cody Roecker

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