Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Little Ghost: Poetry by Me #8

This is a poem that follows a similar storyline to a short story I am working on. It follows Shuya (Shu-Shu) and Rea, an eleven year old girl who can see him. I hope you all enjoy! I'd love to hear what you think :)

There once was a little ghost
and he wanted to be happy
so he floated around the city
looking for a little one to talk to
He floated and floated
until he stumbled upon a girl
That girl saw him
nobody had ever seen him before
and the little ghost twirled in the air
and the little girl watched in awe
as a ghost, a real ghost was in front of her
and they talked
and he told his story
and she told hers
and she decided to tell others of her new friend
but the others laughed
and shunned her away
It’s okay, he said.
But she blubbered for days
and days upon days
and he tried to comfort her
but she pushed him away
because well...
The world thought her crazy
and she couldn’t bear that burden
so she stopped talking to the ghost
and the ghost wailed
and his little ghost heart broke
into a million ghostly pieces

Years later, the girl remembered the ghost
and she cherished the memories
and she tried to find him once more
she called his name
again and again
I miss you
But the ghost did not come
because he had been crushed
he heard her voice
heard it beckoning for him
and it hurt him more
knowing she was trying to consolidate
something that was so far gone
But maybe you should let her in again
a wise ghost said
To let her break me again?
he responded
Get up and try
or you will regret
not making the effort
and you will miss her more
knowing you could have reconciled

So Shuya got up,
and he floated back to her
and he allowed himself to be visible
and at first he could not find her
because he didn’t see the little girl
the one he once knew
instead there waiting for him
smiling through tears
was a woman
seventy years old at least
but closer to ninety
skin full of crevices and wrinkles
and she simply said
Oh, Shuya, you came
I have missed you so much

And that was enough to melt Shuya’s ghostly heart
Shuya loved the girl because
she wasn’t frightened
and she cared
and she was special
and so many other reasons
Knowing she was old,
and sensing her regret
he asked her a question
Am I the only one you see?
she replied
I see all sorts of spirits
But none as remarkable as you, Shuya.

Shuya smiled a wide grin
and knowing he could do so
he named Rea, the old woman
The Spirit Protector
for she was strong
and she cared so deeply
for those most humans could not see.

Little did Shuya know…
if he had not shown
Rea would have passed away days later
due to an unexpected illness
the doctors would report
but written on the death certificate would have been the words
Died of a broken heart

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