Sunday, August 2, 2015

Book Review: Kingdoms of Day by M N.M. Abbott (Book 1 of the Holy Hound Trilogy)

Title: The Kingdoms of Day
Author: M. N.M. Abbott
Page Count: 696
Genre: Fantasy (Young Adult?)
Rating: 5/5

This trilogy is probably my favorite trilogy of all time. Especially once it picks up the pace after the first 150 or so pages. It has moments in there that are very fast, but has it's slow worldbuilding moments.

I read this for the first time over a year ago, and am rereading it for the anticipation of the release of the third and final installment The Gray Blade (Which I am getting at the Oregon State Fair in August)

This is not typically something I would read, as I am not into the whole werewolf scene as others are. But honestly, this book is SO MUCH more than that. It ends up being a small part to the story.

Basically the story follow Shari Gates, a recent grad of high school. It depicts her story as she stumbles into this new world where magic is real, and everything you thought was myth, truly isn't. She takes on the new name Adwen, for a variety of reasons. (I shall not tell, as it is sort of spoiler-y)

There she meets Fedius Toth, who is half-elf. They embark on a journey together to help get her home. They battle vampires, and werewolves and demons and a variety of other creatures.

Enter Oryn, a Master Knight, who is sworn to kill any werewolves or being of cruel intent. He is outright an asshole. But, someone who goes through the most intense character development of anyone in the story. His backstory is my favorite part of the entire 700 page novel. It is heartbreaking, and utterly beautiful, in a tragic way. The way Abbott describes these events and how they took place is breathtaking. I am enamored by the way she has done this.

The characters and the backstories, especially Oryn's is my favorite thing in all of existence.I love the way M N M Abbott writes. She has a way of allowing me to visualize everything. One scene, that I have not forgotten is at the Masquerade for Princess Eyrie and in honor of The Tame One. I will never forget that scene and its vivid-like quality.

The characters are lovable and real. (Despite possibly being mythical.) You grow to love them all in their unique way. Honestly, it's so good,

The villains are so freaking creepy. Extremely well written.

Sycan is one of my favorite villains, although he doesn't come in too much until book two. I think he is creepy in all the right ways. Nadeen is also a crazy witch. My goodness.

I hope you all pick this book up and experience this amazing world and creatures inside!

If you live in Oregon, State Fair everyone. Please pick up these masterpieces (okay to be honest, this is not a masterpiece but I like the world a lot and so that made me rate this higher than the writing probably deserves)

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