Sunday, February 7, 2016

This Goes Out To (Poetry by Me #3)

This goes out to the bookworms
Trying to escape the world
From dusk until dawn
Turning that one last page
Before sleep at night

This goes out to the athletes
Working hard to please the crowd
All day and all night
Sweat pouring, showing their passion
Passion for something they love

This goes out to the outcasts
Who are misunderstood misfits
Seeking acceptance anywhere they can find it
But knowing they don't need others acceptance
To feel content with themselves

This goes out to the lovers
Who love unconditionally
Despite the mistakes one has made
Those who have a heart of gold
And the power to forgive

This goes out to the soldiers
Fighting for their countries
And what they believe is right
Giving up their lives
So we can live ours without worry

This goes out to the activists
Who take a stand for equal rights
And refuse to take no for an answer
Standing up for their beliefs
And knowing when a fight is worth it

This goes out to all of humanity
To those who need the motivation
To speak up and stand tall
And know they are not alone

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