Friday, February 5, 2016

Theatre Competition! (Personal Update for Funsies)

Hi Everybody!!!

Tomorrow is a day that is very important to me because I have Regional Competitions for Theatre. This is my final year of doing this and it terrifies me!

This year I am doing 3 different things:

A duo dramatic scene called The A Word by Linda Faigao-Hall which is a scene in which my character, Young Man, and this woman in her 50s, Beth, discuss her life... her mistakes, her problems, her falling in and out of love. And the entire time I am trying to get her to talk... about something she did in her past... And we have never gotten to the point of her admitting it... I am 'haunting' her because she is too afraid to admit to herself that she killed me... She aborted me twenty years prior...

This scene is incredibly powerful and reading it for the first time killed me. Performing it has been a dream, and it's something near and dear to my heart.

My second scene is a group scene entitled Slop Culture by Rob Badlam and it is a commentary on how our entire lives are based on 25-years of bad TV... It's hilarious... Scooby Doo, Gilligan's Island, Tom & Jerry, Happy Days and more... I have such a joy performing this scene!!! Some of my favourite lines include: "Silly Rabbit, Jobs are for grownups!" and "You can take the boy away from the coconuts but you can't take the coconuts away from the boy. Coconuts the great social equalizer!"

My third, and probably my most proud is a script I wrote called 'Monsters In The Light' in which A teacher gives an assignment to two students to draw a monster... one of them draws something like this:

and the other draws this:

and the scene is a conversation they have after and how people perceive the world differently and the realization one of the kids have about 'angels' and 'facades' in his life.

It is one of my favorite things I have ever written and I really want to share it with everyone! (Someday soon!)

Regionals gives me the opportunity to learn more and perform for my final time in competition (unless I qualify for state which would be SO COOL)

If I qualify for state that means that I place in the top 10% of everyone at the competition (or 2 groups depending on the amount in the category)

Are any of you guys into theatre?
Leave some comments down below I would love to hear from you!

- Cody Roecker @ Roecker Reviews

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