Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dead House (Poetry by Me #6)

I live in a dead house
with dead people
and I attend a dead school
where the same dead people
have dead brains
and we all live in a dead world
filled with dead things
and meaningless objects
I wish I could capture
something more in this dead world
but with everything dead
what hope is there
to bring everything alive again?

Then one day
I found my escape
through the written word
I found ways to leave
to leave this dead world
an go somewhere better
somewhere new
where there aren’t as many
dead people
and there is hope once again
and once I found that
I never looked back
I wrote
I read
I lived and breathed it in
The other worlds
The written word
The escape
The pleasure
The living

Hope diminishes
when I think of the dead house
And everyone stuck inside
I feel pity for them because I,
I have escaped the dead house
To a world filled with life.
It took me a long time to get there
but I have arrived
I have made it
I am not dead
I am surely alive
Living in a world
without a dreary existence
It’s called
Well, does the name really matter?
All that matters is that
it’s not the dead house
it is more
and I have found
my haven
that I did not know
even existed
But I am glad that
I didn’t give up
I kept on pushing
to escape
the dead house

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