Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Birthday and Appreciation

This is a super short, super informal post!

It's my birthday!

That means I am 18 years old! This is absolutely insane!

I just wanted to thank all of you, my blogger/author friends and family that check up on my blog for being such wonderful people that I absolutely adore.

Everyone I have met through this has changed me as a person, every little interaction means so much to me.

To everyone I have talked to, thank you for taking the time to be kind to me. Your graciousness and patience with us newer bloggers is monumental. I appreciate all of you, and I respect you and I hope to one day give to others what you have given to me.

Without you guys I would never have had the courage to do this and continue with my passion despite my love for this. It's the love and support and the connections that really make this all worth it.

I love you all.

- Cody Roecker  @ Roecker Reviews

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