Monday, January 9, 2017

Resolutions (of a sort)

Hey y'all,

As I already said in a previous post... I am wanting to focus more on writing this year, rather than reading. So far... it's going alright. I have some ideas spinning but the hardest part (so far) is deciding whether I want to write this story in third person or first person because oftentimes I want to do a little of both. As I continue writing this story, I'm thinking I'll do weekly updates on how I'm doing. Where I am at (wordcount wise/decisions wise) I hope y'all are interested in that because here are a few of my goals for this upcoming year:

1. Starting next week, post a recap on my writing each week, maybe a one liner, where I am wordcount wise. Where I'd like to be each week, to meet my goals.

2. Read 52 books this year. (Honestly, this shouldn't be a problem as I have easily surpassed this in years past.

3. I want to venture into beta reading, soon. So, I'm going to look into that.

4. As last year, I'd like to post once a week, if feasible at all... but I'd much prefer twice a week, even if it's short little updates such as these. What do you think about that?

5. I want at least one of you to keep me accountable on some of these things... but most importantly WRITING MY BOOK. (Eventually I'll be able to tell you a little bit about it, but I'm holding off due to as soon as I talk about it, I find it harder to write it.)

I'll probably add some more "Resolutions" as time goes on throughout the year and I really find what I want to do with 2017.

All the love,

Cody Roecker

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