Monday, January 16, 2017

An Ode to Molasses

Well, I felt like writing and used Molasses to inspire three pretty different things:

I hope you enjoy them:

Everything was dark, sticky, and slowed me down. I struggled to move forward, but I pressed on despite the hardship I was facing. Covered. I was covered in thick brown goo, that reminded me of something I used to eat when I was a child... but I couldn't quite place it. At least, not yet. But I continued swimming through it, moving slowly yet carefully, making each step count. Sweat dripped off of my body, landing in the unfortunate mess I had to move through. I can do this I thought. Moving like this depleted my energy but I had to continue. I had to make it through. I had to overcome this hurdle, I needed to break out of this molasses-covered journey I was on. Even if for a moment. So I could escape this drowning feeling that filled me to the brim. I needed to so my tears would dry. I needed to so I could feel clean. So I could finally feel peace once again.

Mary told me that I needed to be stronger and that I needed to be more
Observant. She said I needed to pay attention to the quarrels of
Lovers because I had no lover of myself and to her, I needed one to
Ascend into happily ever after. And so I went out and
Searched for sweet love, something that could bring me
Some sense of serenity. However, I found it within myself to
Enjoy the life I had even if I couldn't find that  love. That realization led me to a
Stairway to a place where I felt the love of a thousand suns splash onto my skin. And it was beautiful.

Sickeningly sweet with serendipity it sings
Every echo of the elegant eagle's wings
She saw sinister strings in said song
Swinging into sweltering sorrow
Allison's anger ate away at
Laziness and longing that lead
O'er the orchards of oranges
Moving meticulously through the moor, making the music more melodic.

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