Sunday, January 31, 2016

From The Soldier by Cody Roecker (Poetry by Me #2)

Dear Elizabeth Mansur,

By the time you receive this letter,
I pray that things will get better.
But right now I am slowly dying
of insanity and guilt, not sickness.
And I am so sorry.

The pain we must inflict every day,
for survival, eats my insides away
like a termite hollowing out a fallen log.
We are protecting our country,
but I need you to know
that I am so sorry.

I didn't think this would happen
and It pains me that
I must be the one to deliver
this painful news.
Your family's house in Afghanistan
It burnt down to the ground today.
And I am so sorry.

We have found the burnt remains
of your father and two sisters.
Your mothers body has yet to be recovered.
I am so sorry.

I know that nothing I could say
would be of any help.
Just know that we offer our condolences
and our hearts go out to you.
We are so sorry.

From, The Soldier

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