Sunday, January 24, 2016

Personal Update: A Little About Me!

So, if any of you have been keeping up with my blogging, I promised myself to post once a week, and I am sticking to this ideal, by letting you know a few things about me!

Hello, I am Cody Roecker and I am a senior in high school in Hillsboro, Oregon. I want to go to Emerson College in Boston for Writing, Literature, & Publishing. I will probably go to Portland Community College for two years first, to save money... but that's where I hope to end up!

I just finished reading Passenger by Alexandra Bracken (It was a WILD ride!) and am currently reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. (IT IS SO GOOD SO FAR. OMG)

My favourite colour is this:

My favourite food:

My favourite animal:

I want to be a published author for a living, and I think I can do it. I started this blog because I have a love for all things involving books, writing, reading, reviewing, everything. I want to work for a publishing company, and write on the side until I can become a full-time writer. I read and write, even a little every day because it's my dream and I want it to come true.

I am still getting the hang of blogging, and I hope you are enjoying this if you are reading it! Have any questions, just ask! Comment below! I am super friendly I swear!

If you want to follow me on any of my other mediums feel free:

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