Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles Book 3)


Title: Cress
Author: Marissa Meyer
Page Count: 550
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fairy Tale Retelling
Rating: 5/5 
Cress is the third installment to the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and was expecting a lot with this; I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL. Cress was beautifully written and it EXCEEDED my expectations that I had for it. 

Cress follows Cress who is trapped in a satellite in space. She is a lunar shell and has been kept there by Sybil Mira for seven years now. All of her time alone has allowed Cress to become and excellent hacker. She has a goal of getting rescued, and she knows exactly how she wants to do it. 

Cress is a lovely character and I love the connections to Rapunzel because they are there but they aren't screaming at you. Some of the aspects are very apparent and others you have to look for deeply and that is a very very nice touch. 

I love Meyer's writing style and the way she writes in third person is one of the best I have seen in today's author pool. She has a way of weaving story lines together like nobody else. It is quite amazing to witness. 

Meyer has written a masterpiece that includes action, romance, sci-fi, and so many aspects that really bring home the story. I adore her strong female characters. It is so difficult to find well-written strong female characters that are the main focus of the story, and she does this incredibly well! 

The best thing is that her characters are very different! HALLELUJAH! Actually differentiated characters. It is such a nice change from normal novels today. 

This book didn't have too many slow moments, and if there were, they were brief. I flew through this action-packed book. I, as an aspiring writer, recognize the difficulties of writing certain types of scenes, but especially fight scenes. I am astounded by Meyer's ability to describe them in such a vivid way. 

Even though I am still behind on this series, I could not be more excited for Winter this fall! I have no doubt that it will be an epic conclusion to an already amazing series! 

I one-hundred percent recommend this series to EVERYONE, but especially those who like retellings of fairy-tales and science fiction  and fantasy twists. It is refreshing and different and I seriously commend Marissa Meyer and her capabilities as an author

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