Monday, April 11, 2016

5 Reasons You NEED Dreamology! + 2 CRAZY Dreams!

In honor of DREAMOLOGY's release I was going to create and release PART 2 to my playlist! (Alas, I never finished part two, but it was fun to create!) So instead I am going to link you to Lucy's BEAUTIFUL playlist!!!!  for DREAMOLOGY (and boy, don't even get me started on how beautiful it is!!!)


Also, that cover! :) <3
Seriously this book... AHHH.
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5 Reasons you NEED Dreamology by Lucy Keating!

1. Swoon-worthy Romance between Alice and the boy of her literal dreams
2. Supporting characters with so much depth and heart, Oliver, my baby <3
3. SUPER interesting Sci-Fi elements reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind executed exquisitely.
4. Dream sequences that are beautiful, lyrical, gorgeous and artistic. (Sure, synonyms, but hey PHENOMENAL!!!!)

If those 5 reasons didn't convince you go back and check out my review and playlist, and Lucy's playlist (which I linked above!!!!)


I am also sharing two of my wildest dreams because the dreams that Alice and Max share are a little crazy themselves... :)

Also forewarning, these are OLD dreams, so oftentimes this may not make sense, but I am trying to remember these for y'all!

Dream #1

I awoke to an annoying buzzing near my head, and only noticed the sound to be coming from my phone after the sound had stopped. I turn over onto my side, rolling toward my desk and subsequently, where my phone lay. Picking it up, I check what I missed.
1 Missed Call from Lacie
I groan, and press the redial button, praying that she isn't asking me something annoying. It rings twice before I hear her on the other line.

"Hi Cody" She says. "Do you want to go to the mall with my Mom and I?"

"I... sure... I guess?" I say.

Next thing I know, we are all hopping in her maroon dodge caravan and we drove down the highway toward what I thought would be Washington Square.... turns out this mall was so much more!

We arrive and the mall itself was MASSIVE and a combination of every mall I have ever seen into one... which is absolutely insane. We walk inside, and decide to take the elevator located to the right of the entrance, down a long corridor and then a sharp left turn. Lacie and I, being quicker than her mom, arrived to the elevator first, and pushed the button to go up. The door opened with a ding and Lacie and I went inside, and stood in the threshold between the mall and the elevator itself.

Immediately, a robot security guard appears from outside the corner, and demands. "Close the door! It is forbidden for anyone to hold the door open!" He sounds human, but is most definitely a robot, or possibly an android. Finding this absurd, we chuckle.

"No, Lacie's Mom is right there!" I laugh at the robot's face.

"Disobeyance of our rules will result in termination." The robots eyes glowed red, and steam released from his many joints and hinges. "Failure to comply in five seconds will result in termination... TERMINATION!"

We thought this was a joke, and it went about our business, until the robot actually began firing at us. Lacie and I shoot off in different directions leaving her mom in the dust.

I run rapidly away from my assailant. The Robot Security Guard (RBS, from here on out.) I swiftly maneuver over ugly carpet that is reminiscent of the airport, through carts in the middle of the walkways, and through the various obstacles standing in my way. Oddly enough, there is nobody around me, anywhere. Just me and RBS. I continue running, until I am out of sight of the RBS, praying that he won't find me, I crouch down behind a See's Candy cart, occasionally peaking out to see if he is getting closer.

Ironically, the RBS looks and speaks human, except for the red eyes, and the fact that he floats silently through the air. Which is probably why I didn't notice him again until the cart I am crouching behind receives a generous hole through the center, just to the left of where I am crouched down.

My breathing becomes heavy, and fear strikes my core like a gong, radiating throughout my body, not ceasing. I begin to run again, hoping that I can escape this stupid RBS, I mean... C'mon... It's stupid enough that I have to deal with a security guard... but because we held open a door for Lacie's Mom? Pure idiocy.

Fast forward a lot of running around, and hiding later... A room covered in a bouncy house appears in front of me, about as big as a school cafeteria. I decide to use it to my advantage, hopping on top of the bouncy house instead of inside. The RBS follows me... hops onto the house as well, and I start to fly a little higher, and I put all my effort into really propelling the RBS away from me. With immense might, I jump harder, knocking the RBS into the ceiling, his head stuck, his body thrashing around attempting to escape.

After I defeated the RBS, I swiftly maneuvered toward the exit. I moved through a Hallmark store, and other stores (reminiscent of Paul Blart: Mall Cop) until I reach the exit. I finally notice the alarms blaring overhead, and other RBS's checking people as they go out, for Lacie, her mom, and I... Sweat glistens on my forehead, illuminating my pale skin.

The RBS near the exit goes to my church, and he is terrifying because his face, now mechanized shows no emotions, only cold, calculated determination.

Somehow I managed to sneak by him (Only heaven knows) and grabbed my phone out of my pocket and began to dial Lacie, to ask where she is, and if she made it out. I dial the number.

I hear the sound of someone on the other line. 9-1-1 What's your emergency?

This dream was INSANE when I had it, had quite a few more action scenes than I can quite remember, it was thriller, on the edge of your seat stuff (possibly because I had watched RED EYE the night before...) Hope y'all enjoyed it... keep reading for one more...

Dream #2

This dream is significantly wilder, and many details of this one, and the last one are hazy, so I have added a couple things in here that make sense to the dream. (I don't know where this one began, so I'll write about the first part I remember)

My parents are kicking me and my brother out. They are putting us on the streets, to fend for ourselves... Because he has turned into a werewolf/bear and I have turned into something other. We are no longer human, and because of this, we can no longer live with them. They don't trust us, so we are alone, together, but altogether alone.

For some reason our house has two front doors, and I am sent through one, and my brother is sent through the other... I receive an apple on my side of the door, and decide not to eat it because I am not the biggest fan of apples. I quickly make the decision to investigate the other side, to see what my brother received, and all I see are crushed up bits of pretzel, and regret my decision to leave the apple behind, because when I return to the front door I exited from, the apple is gone.

My brother succumbs to the werewolf curse, turning into his full form the moment the moonlight hits him. Even though it's early in the morning, and light outside, he still shifts. I am a giant blob of I have no idea what but it's terrifying to think about. On the bright side, I now know all. I am capable of telling just about anything. I notice every little thing around me, and am able to figure it all out, all of the answers to anything asked of me. Or so I think.

Originally it was nighttime, but it becomes light outside, and my brother is still in his shifted form, snarling, teeth barred, dangerous. He takes off his shoes that the curse had already broken through, and as I attempt to communicate with him through telepathy Riley! Can you hear me? He throws one shoe at me, and roars followed by galloping away in a frenzy toward the park near our house. I follow him, almost floating, but more likely rolling.

Out of the sky, and giant rocket train falls down, propelling rapidly towards the ground, toward me, towards our home. And directly before it hits the ground and explodes, it jerks upward, landing safely. But it proceeds to fold in on itself. It is rapidly getting smaller length wise, making it difficult to hop onto the train, which my brain was telling me I needed to do, or else. It continued moving in on itself, and I wanted to hop on, but I was afraid. I finally managed to do so in it's final rotation.

Phew I thought, quickly looking at my surroundings. The inside of the rocket-train was reminiscent of a RV with chrome insides, and the front of the bus looking like a cockpit of an airplane, technologically sound and fancy.

Inside the rocket-train besides my brother and I are two twin girls, witches of a sort, who have this book, a tome almost, that hold the power to control destiny. Whatever they write in the book, comes true. Tricky thing is, each copy is completely unique, and morphs to the person that grabs it, feeding off of their energy. There is a snarky old man, with horns, and a tail. Quite wild.

The driver/pilot/whatever-you-want-to-call-him's voice blares over the loud speakers above our heads. "Welcome, my dears. I would like you to know that I am taking you to a facility/factory where we will be testing each of you to help understand what is going on in your genetics, and how you turned out the way you are. It will be painful, but don't worry..." He pauses.

We all start raising a commotion, the girls eyes light up in purple hue. The old mans horns light on fire, and my body turns a bright blue, from it's usual clear blubber.

"Oh wait," He says. "You should worry." And we hear maniacal laughter from the cockpit area.

A different voice appears after. "Thomas, stop taunting out guests." The voice booms, deep. "Treat them kindly, they are the last people you will ever see."

"W-what?" He stammers. "Dad, what are you talking about?"

He realizes what's happening. "Dad, I don't have control over the vehicle anymore. What's going on? Dad? Dad?" Still no answer. "DAD?!?"

"I had to dispose of you somehow, Thomas, you disgrace of a son, you meaningless piece of shit."

"B-b-but... D-d-dad! I'm doing this for you! Let me continue to help you!" Thomas pleads.

"It's too late, son." And he cackles like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Thomas opens the door to the cockpit, screaming in fear, in pain, his world flooding in emotion, pure feeling. "I'm sorry." He speaks to us. "I didn't want to hurt you. Please forgive me."

The rocket-train continues upon the path that we were going on, going slightly to the right. We were heading on a runway, like an airplane (somehow magically, this is a dream its not supposed to make sense) until we went over a bump and slid farther to the right, sliding down into a ravine. We hit the bottom, and  we were on another planet, crashed, stuck, immobile.

My world went black, and when it came back to me, Someone had released my giant blubbery butt from the rocket-train onto this planet, where there were goblins that were working on building some special contraption.... (Enter World of Warcraft looking Goblins that you battle if you are a Night Elf on that one shore... with the fisherman and stuff... ) and if you moved they would attack you. So we were quiet, staying away from them.

I hooked my magic tentacles (What? turns out I have those too) and hook them onto the rocket-train in attempt to learn more about where we were and provide power to the rocket-train, but as more of my tentacles connected, the more I learned, the brighter I glowed. and I drew their attention....

They turned in unison, and fired.

I know I left out quite a few details, but this was fun for me to write. I hope y'all like it! Let me know down below!!! :) GO READ DREAMOLOGY NOW!!!! (PLUS, THE DREAMS ARE SO GOOD. SUCH BEAUTY.)

- Cody Roecker :) <3


  1. Soooooo. What I'm getting the sense of is that I need to read pretty much whatever you're pimping out. I loved both Dreamology and The Star-Touched Queen and both of them you were quite excited about.

    I agree fully with your top 5 list and those dreams of yours were absolutely crazy, even if I could possibly be on board with some magic tentacles. :D

    Excellent post!

    1. I want the magic tentacles super badly as well and the book that the twins had! I would be SO powerful!!! Muhahahahahah ;)

      We seem to agree often on books so that's always nice!!! :)

      Thank you Stacee!! :)

    2. I want the magic tentacles super badly as well and the book that the twins had! I would be SO powerful!!! Muhahahahahah ;)

      We seem to agree often on books so that's always nice!!! :)

      Thank you Stacee!! :)